Working Equitation Hawkesbury to Hunter, or H2H as it is more well-known, was one of the first Working Equitation clubs to form in Australia, having its first Member Day back on July 18, 2013. Over the ensuing years, H2H has provided hundreds of riders with both encouragement & fun, along with forging many friendships.

H2H is a family friendly, supportive club, keen to make everyone feel a part of the club and the sport. Our Committee is made up of member volunteers, who work hard to deliver to members what they want. To keep everything running smoothly takes member involvement, and assistance from all members is highly valued and always appreciated

Working Equitation began in 1996 by a collaboration of several countries including Portugal, Spain, France and Italy. It was developed to preserve the unique working horse traditions of each country and now the sport has spread worldwide including many countries in Europe, UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It is for this reason that you will see horse and riders wearing different tack and clothing styles such as Australian Stock Horse, Western, English, Portuguese etc.

​Working Equitation is unique in that all breeds of horse and pony are encouraged to participate, and a calm, responsive horse or pony is valued and rewarded.






Mykel O'Connor

Vice President

Robyn Carter


Maria Caira


Darren Butler

committee member

Joanne Purdue


Belinda Streeting

committee member

Mark Mason

Committee member

Ross Carter

Committee member

Louise McDonald

Committee member

Meagan Pratt

Committee member

Jenny Mason

Committee member

Liz Gabriel